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"Blues Revue" Aug/Sept 2005 – Blues Revue reviews "Roadhouse Rhythm"

On Roadhouse Rhythm (Wah Wah Boy 001), Philadelphia-area Stalwarts Mike Guldin and Rollin & Tumblin, two time International Blues Challenge finalists, are tight and have great presence, with two fine guitars (Guldin and Alan Howe) and keys (Karl Frick and Tim Hooper) in front of a tough rhythm section (C.J. Clark and Billy Wear) - not to mention guests EG Kight, Tommy Castro, Delbert McClinton's horns (Terry Townson and Don Wise), Denise NeJame and James Pennebaker - pushing a wall of soul sound. The set list ranges from Edwin Starr's Motown smash "25 Miles" to Little Richard's "Lucille", and from the Memphis sound of "You Left the Water Running" to McClinton's minor-key "I Wanna Love You", with originals hitting acoustic blues ("The Cost of Going Broke"), Chicago (Snuggle Man"), Soul ("Don't TakeYour Love Away", my pick for best track), and roadhouse rockers (the title cut). It all sounds good, and fun is at a premium!

-Tom Hyslop for Blues Revue's "Blues Bites"

James River Blues Society – Review of "Roadhouse Rhythm"

Okay, forget about the fact that Mike Guldin looks like an insurance salesman or a guy who should be teaching a self-improvement seminar...the fact is, this guy rocks! Mike and his band, Rollin' & Tumblin', jam and swing and play like they really enjoy it. Guldin's voice digs deep into the soul of all that is blues and belts out the tones that make the blues come alive. R&T's bassist, CJ Clark, gets into the act by adding his vocal talents to "25 Miles" and Delbert McClinton's "I Wanna Love You." Karl Frick's B-3 action is as smooth as gravy, as are the glowing brass chops of Terry Townson (trumpet) and Don Wise (tenor sax) on nearly every cut. Tim Hooper's piano adds a nice touch to songs like 'Memphis Women and Chicken' and 'Lucille', a perennial favorite originally written by Albert Collins and Richard Penniman and made famous by Penniman (aka 'Little Richard'). Guldin wrote a handful of the songs including the lead off "Snuggle Man", "The Cost of Goin' Broke," and the title cut. This one is worth listening to....

Beardo from BluesWax –

"By not only keeping the blues alive but also expanding its boundaries, Mike and the boys prove night after night that they deserved to be Two-Time Finalists at the IBC in Memphis. I'm proud to know this crew of hard core, Blues-Lovin', rib-eatin' miscreants. Third time's the charm!"

Senior Contributing Editor of 2004 KBA Winner, Blueswax
Weekly Radio Show Host at

Bruce Iglauer – Alligator Records

“Mike Guldin and Rollin’ and Tumblin’ are “good as a unit, well rehearsed and seem to be having
fun. Confident presence, nice and relaxed. Bass player has good vocal personality”

Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records

Bonnie Tallman – BC Productions Artist Management Group

“Mike Guldin and Rollin’ and Tumblin’ are one hot band! Expressive and powerful vocals with
creative harmonies tight arrangements never without a groove, and meaningful and thoughtful
material set this group apart.”

Bonnie Tallman 
BC Productions Artist Management Group representing Saffire the Uppity Blues Women, Ann Rabson, Greg Piccolo and E. G. Kight


Terry Townson – The Delbert McClinton Band

“A well-seasoned band, having fun, playing great songs. Mike and
the gang take their music to a new level! ‘Snuggle Man’ says it all,
great groove, great lyrics, definitely a hit. Your going to love it”.

Terry Townson, Delbert McClinton Band


"Roadhouse Rhythm" Review – Pennsylvania Musician

Mike Guldin & Rollin’ & Tumblin’—”Roadhouse Rhythm”

There’s no false advertising in the title of this release. The songs on this CD would make for an exceptional roadhouse show. And in the majority of songs there is a heavy reliance on and amplification of the rhythmic aspects in these R&B and blues songs.

Just as in a real show, these studio recordings are choreographed and paced to traipse the listener through numerous ups and downs and back and forth from one blues genre to the next. Clocking in at over an hour, “Roadhouse Rhythm” features 13 songs - roughly half going for over five minutes - that could easily constitute one extended live set. Seven of the tunes are covers and five are Mike Guldin originals.

The final song, a Guldin collaboration / performance with sultry, Handy Award nominee EG Kight, “Southern Woman and a Nawthern Man”, is a buttery hot blues ball with Kight out-dripping anything Bonnie Raitt might do. Special guitar guest (there are eight special guests on this CD) Shawn Appleby oils this tune with sufficient slippery warm dobro resonator work that it will make you feel like you need a cold shower after a listen. This is a truly sumptuous finale for this CD.

No short review is going to comprehensively express the range of blues on “Roadhouse Rhythm”. From the early blues-rock of Little Richard’s “Lucille” to the lurid blues on the cover of Delbert McClinton’s “I Wanna Love You” to Guldin’s own songs (the Delta inspired “Roadhouse Rhythm” or the sarcastic David Bromberg-ish “The Cost of Goin’ Broke”) this CD is tap dancing in far too many blues sounds and emotions to be pigeon-holed. What solidly holds it together is the superior musicianship of the five-member Rollin’ & Tumblin’ band (god-awful tight) and the versatile and natural blues vocals of Mike Guldin.

“Roadhouse Rhythm” is a nice addition for anyone who is either a complete blues addict, needs a quality introduction to a range of blues, or is road-tripping and wants a studio-polished version of an authentic roadhouse experience to while away the drive time. For folks with a narrow or specialized taste in the blues there are going to be a couple songs here that will hit home hard but be prepared to hear a number of other songs that aren’t necessarily right up your alley.